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Ideas for Purpose-Driven Innovation

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Local for eating

La Dorita Cooks’ eKitchen Multimedia Learning Center
La Dorita Cooks

Gamified Addiction Recovery App with Companion Virtual Assistant For Therapists
My New Leaf, Inc.

Intelligent Science Stations: Playful, Mixed-reality Learning for Children

Care to Learn Community Kitchen
Uniontown Area YMCA

Community Gardens Sustainability Project
Western Pennsylvania Conservancy

Flexable: A better way to connect parents and childcare providers

Free mobile Internet access courtesy of your local Library
Baldwin, Brentwood & Whitehall L...

SocialVR: Connecting Classrooms through Virtual Reality Storytelling

Homewood Healthy Lots
iMatter Design

Food is Medicine, Cooking is Therapy
Michelle Tobin

The Future of Vertical Farming and Urban Agriculture

Matching architects and property owners for low-cost, first-step rehab advice

Weekend Meals for Students in Need
Propel Schools

Cultivating whole-health, wellness, and community inclusion
Pittsburgh Mercy

#BreakTheSoundBarrier for Rural Pennsylvanians
Center for Hearing & Deaf Servic...

Penn Hills Tiny Home Community for Veterans.
BOB Project Inc.

Peppi's Greek Gourmet to Go!
The Greek Gourmet