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Ideas for Purpose-Driven Innovation

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Gamified Addiction Recovery App with Companion Virtual Assistant For Therapists
My New Leaf, Inc.

Intelligent Science Stations: Playful, Mixed-reality Learning for Children

Flexable: A better way to connect parents and childcare providers

The PittMesh Community Wireless Network
Meta Mesh Wireless Communities

Free mobile Internet access courtesy of your local Library
Baldwin, Brentwood & Whitehall L...

SocialVR: Connecting Classrooms through Virtual Reality Storytelling

The Future of Vertical Farming and Urban Agriculture

Matching architects and property owners for low-cost, first-step rehab advice

#BreakTheSoundBarrier for Rural Pennsylvanians
Center for Hearing & Deaf Servic...

Crowdsource and deploy solutions to tackle pressing local challenges

Penn Hills Tiny Home Community for Veterans.
BOB Project Inc.

Helping cyclists find the safest routes from Point A to Point B.

Online Accessibility Mapping Service for People With Disabilities

Career Success Online Mentorship
Iris Townsend

NurturePA -- parent-to-parent text messaging mentor program.

Airbnb for meeting spaces: Monetizing non-profit surplus capacity.
RoomLeopard LLC

A 21st Century Food System
The Aquaponics Project

CharityKoala: Facilitating the Donations Process