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Ideas for Purpose-Driven Innovation

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Knead Community Cafe is a Pay-As-You-Can Cafe.
Knead Community Cafe

Local for eating

La Dorita Cooks’ eKitchen Multimedia Learning Center
La Dorita Cooks

Care to Learn Community Kitchen
Uniontown Area YMCA

Community Gardens Sustainability Project
Western Pennsylvania Conservancy

A Solution For Sustainability To Take Food Sovereignty Into Our Own Hands
The Black Urban Gardeners and Fa...

Homewood Healthy Lots
iMatter Design

Food is Medicine, Cooking is Therapy
Michelle Tobin

Zing Basket 45 minute grocery delivery - The answer to the “healthy food desert”
Zing Basket

Weekend Meals for Students in Need
Propel Schools

Cultivating whole-health, wellness, and community inclusion
Pittsburgh Mercy

Operation Food Desert: Storm
Pangea Community Foods

Peppi's Greek Gourmet to Go!
The Greek Gourmet

The Latham Street Commons Community Kitchen—A Bold Vision for Social Change
Latham Street Commons

A Seat at the Table: Catalyst for Self-Reliance
Community Kitchen Pittsburgh

At the Corner of Food + Hope: Clairton Cornerstore Project
Economic Development South

The Empowerment, Awareness, and Training (E.A.T) Initiative
Eminent Hospitality (E.A.T initi...

Oasis Foods’ Supply Chain Innovation: Shortening the Distance from Field to Fork
Bible Center's Oasis Project