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momma snax shak

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momma snax -"Listen, it's good nutrition"
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momma snax shak "Listen, it's good nutrition"

9 years ago, I had my first child .When I started breastfeeding, I took, and still do take,  a wholefood supplement,  that combined fruits/veges/whole grains. The published studies proved that it worked synergistically inside the body for optimal health. I looked for these same combos in the stores with no luck. I could find them separately but never all together. A busy mom doesn't have time to put all of this together everyday and that was how momma snax was born. Momma snax started as an on the go snax that contained fruits/veges/whole grains. As my daughter had grown, my idea of what momma snax could be also grew. It is now 9 years later  and the world is now full of food trucks, social medias and a world that is demanding good nutrition.  I am now a mother of 2 and know that there is an even greater need for convenience of healthier food options. The momma snax shax was born. Not only could I offer momma snax, the snax, I could also take this on the road with additional healthier options. When anyone makes a mother's life easier, they will have a customer for life. I see momma snax shax as the "new" ice cream truck. I too can ride thru neighborhoods, play my music, ring my bell, and offer everything that kids/adults love, just a healthier version of it. I can park at kids sporting events and offer healthier versions of the concession stand items and even give back a percentage to the teams. I can park at business parks, fairs, festivals, for instant healthy convenient options for lunch/snack. Instead of sugary drinks, they can purchase fresh raw juice/smoothies from my "shot and juice bar."  There is always a better option to the old unhealthy choices.There are so many times that I wish momma snax shak existed, even as a brick & morter "drive thru". I can provide organic and conventional fruits/veges. The options of great nutrition are endless. We can make a momma snax app/website---pre-order your juices before we get to the game for the team---keep the ordering going during the off season(winter). We can do monthly orders and deliveries.  We can make it affordable and accessible to all areas and all people. The ice cream man had proved a successful concept long before it's time.....deliver it and they will buy. The world is in a healthy food revolution right now and momma snax shax is the one to deliver-- "Listen, it's good nutrition!"


Nov 21 2016

  • momma snax
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Healthy Food

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momma snax

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  • connie dusak

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12 months ago

Love this idea 😍

Lisa Salem

12 months ago

greatest 'snax' out there for growing healthy kids!!!

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