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Gamified Addiction Recovery App with Companion Virtual Assistant For Therapists

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My New Leaf Addiction Recovery App employs an emerging area of health-care technology that uses web based and smartphone tools to motivate and enable individuals suffering from substance abuse problems to manage their health conditions and wellness. The app utilizes a gamified design with a rewards-based approach designed to keep people engaged in their recovery.
The program draws heavily on evidence-based research from professionals in the addiction field and applicable elements of game theory. The app provides information about addiction, mental health problems, and recovery. It includes self-monitoring tasks and positive coping strategies to support ongoing recovery.

We use end-to-end encryption to protect this vulnerable population. Members will be able to customize their very own tree based on their personality, gain levels and earn points to spend on items.

V.A.L. (Virtual Assistant Liaison) provides a comprehensive real-time interface to the My New Leaf Addiction Recovery app. It is designed for behavioral health therapists, peer specialists and coaches, parole offices and drug court personnel. It includes a multitude of useful and insightful tools including real-time interactive updating of client recovery plan and actionable goals, customizable graphic analysis of the client's emotional, physical, financial, and social trends, qualitative tagging of key risk words and provides full-drill down capabilities to individual posts for contextual analysis, and real-time risk assessment to provide information that can assist in providing encouragement, coping strategies or interventions to assist the client on their road to recovery.


Nov 20 2016

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My New Leaf & Virtual Assistant Liason

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Jim Kotouc

about 1 year ago

This is awesome! Hope it wins!


about 1 year ago

God bless you all for dedicating yourselves to this life-saving tool!

Courtney Hankinson

about 1 year ago

Such an innovative and needed piece of the addiction puzzle! I hope it wins!

Christina Guarnaccio

about 1 year ago

This idea is such an important one. Very deserving.

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