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HUCKSTER Fresh Food Buyers' Club

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It is 2016 and consumers are used to ordering almost everything online, why not fresh food?

HUCKSTER Fresh Food Buyers’ Club
is a wholesale food buying group created with the goal of offering broader access to fresh food to Pittsburgh’s numerous food deserts. 

What is a Food Buying Club?
A buying club is a group of people who pool their buying power to buy food (and other products) in bulk.  A food buying club allows for multiple communities to benefit from organized bulk purchasing and receive their food at wholesale pricing.

How will HUCKSTER work?
People will have the opportunity to order fresh food via our website, app or paper orders (for those without internet). The orders will be aggregated and sent to our produce distributor partner(I have already met with and received great interest from the largest distributor in Pittsburgh) who will box each order and prepare for delivery.  The orders will then be sent to our strategic partners in each neighborhood.  Our partners act as pick up locations as well as facilitate limited door-to-door deliveries.

The Orders
Every week (or whatever order frequency cycle is determined) a HUCKSTER ‘BOX OF THE WEEK’ will made available to order.  The contents of the box will be determined by the HUCKSTER team based on market research & seasonal items.

Customers can choose to order the box as described or will also have the option to substitute out a finite number of items that will be available during the ordering process.

Impact  / Benefits
  • Provide fresh food in under served areas
  • Lower cost, higher quality food: due to passing along wholesale pricing the costs associated with purchasing from a retail store are reduced or eliminated.
  • Instill community atmosphere and sense of pride by working together
  • Opportunity to buy with Access cards, and potential 'Double Buck' grant


Nov 19 2016

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Huckster Fresh Food Buyers' Club

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