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It Takes a Village - Baby Carrier.

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The Nora Baby Carrier
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Imagine an infant or convertible child safety seat. Recall how one would jostle with lugging around their baby, as that child grew? Now, remember being a new parent - having an agonizing concern that someone (even you) would inadvertently forget to drop your baby off at daycare? We have developed a solution that will make transporting your infant or toddler from outside of their child safety seat (infant/convertible) to your/their destination.  This product has given us adults our "hands back".  Not only that, we do not have to grow concerned with waking our sleeping baby.
The Nora Baby Carrier is, essentially, an inlay (head and body comfort support) in your child's existing child safety seat.  This inlay transitions into being a fully functional, multi-positional baby carrier; that is both: ergonomic and safe for your baby; and yet, comfortable for both the baby/toddler and the adult-user. The baby / toddler can be worn inward facing (with the ability to nurse), outward facing, or carried on the back. The innovative design of the carrier, is designed to have the child remain in their positioning within the carrier. In order to reposition the direction of the child, the adult user will simply turn the apparatus around, which repositions the child to face the preferred carrying position. One of the many awesome benefits of this carrier, is the fact that the adult, unlike most carriers, can simply use the carrier without any assistance connecting the connectors. Additionally, there's a life-saving technology and alert system implemented to help prevent infant/toddler “hot car” fatalities, along with baby carrier.


Nov 19 2016

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The Nora Baby Carrier/It Takes a Village

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  • Kimberly Cummings

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