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Alpha Box: The Educational, Graphing Calculator Students

Alpha Box is an iOS application that was created for the purpose of the dissemination of knowledge to all. With unique gaming experiences already available (and the integration of its own social network on the way), Alpha Box was created to be the all inclusive application for students. What makes this app especially unique is the inclusion of a high-level calculator that can be customized to a student's individual classes. More so, this calculator offers graphing capabilities, and can simplify functions with multiple variables. However, what gives this calculator its competitive advantage is its ability to be used securely in a testing environment. Once "Test Mode" has been activated, Alpha Box monitors iphone activity so that any attempt by students to cheat is acknowledged by the device, and recorded. Then, a unique time sheet can be stored as a receipt of honorable activity for the student to share with his/her teacher. Also during test mode, students are only able to access the apps functions that pertain to the test (with the exception of games that can be played by students who have already finished their test, and are waiting of their peers with nothing to do). Alpha Boxes capabilities as a programmable, algebraic, graphing calculator alone make it one of the most intelligent options on the market, and at a fraction of the price of its competitors - not to mention that it has less chance of being left at home by accident. In the future, Alpha Box hopes to act as a database and educational source of all different areas of knowledge that can teach new skills to avid learners. This has the potential to save users thousands of dollars in education, which will allow people to better themselves all over the world.


Nov 17 2016

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Alpha Box

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  • Henry Potosnak

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