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Helping cyclists find the safest routes from Point A to Point B.

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We started LaneSpotter for one reason: to have a significant national impact on bike safety and infrastructure. The LaneSpotter team is made up of bicycle enthusiasts who want to help create a more bike-friendly America for everyone.

Our Goal: More People Riding Bikes on Safer Streets.

LaneSpotter is incorporated as a Public Benefit Corporation. As a B Corp, we're committed to having a positive impact on society, our employees, community and the environment. 5% of our revenue will be donated to local bike advocacy organizations around the country.

LaneSpotter wants to create a product that will become a cyclist’s definitive guide to riding a bike in their community. We are currently building a web and mobile platform that provides bike riders with maps and navigation to plan safe – and fun – city cycling routes. The core of our functionality is custom mapping and navigation (with a focus on SAFETY) and the collection and visualization of cyclists’ perceived safety of roads they travel.

The following features will be included in the platform launch:

Bike Infrastructure Maps: Interactive maps that provide users with bike infrastructure details, including protected bike lanes, bike lanes, sharrows, trails and cautionary roads.

Safety Ratings Maps: Maps that display roads with bike safety ratings (A, B, C, D, F). These maps are created by crowdsourcing safety ratings from cyclists who have traveled these roads.

Turn-By-Turn Navigation: Turn-by-turn, voice guided directions based on bike infrastructure and safety ratings.

Spotter Stops: Places of interest, including bike shops, bike share stations, fix it stations, and bike-friendly businesses.

Additional features will be rolled out over the first year of the project to keep initial users engaged and attract new users to the platform. The following features have been outlined and proved out from a technical perspective. These, and other new features, will be added to the platform as we collect and analyze data to better understand what users want from a safety-focused bike app.

Activity Feed & Social Sharing: Follow friends, get real-time updates on their activities, and share information via social media.

Comments & Markers: Add comments on road ratings and leave markers to indicate specific conditions (pothole, poor road conditions, bike lane closed).

Theme Rides: Fun, safe rides will be created by LaneSpotter and other partner organizations to encourage cyclists to go outside, ride and explore.

Beacons: Organize impromptu rides with friends and other nearby cyclists.

A variety of user data will be collected to deepen our understanding of bicycling behavior and examine how various measures of bicycling relate to one another and to key outcomes (safety). Data analysis will be shared with local bike advocacy organizations and city governments.

Here’s a brief overview of the data that will be collected.

Rider Demographics: Gender, age, self-identification as a “type of rider.”

Geospatial Data: How often, how far and where people ride.

Safety Rating Data Collection: Cyclists will be encouraged to provide safety ratings (A, B, C, D and F) on the roads they travel. The ratings can be applied to a long stretch of road, including multiple turns, or on a single intersection. Ratings are provided by cyclists and are based on the their perception of
comfort / safety. These ratings will be linked to the physical properties of the network.

Note: we have submitted a proposal to PeopleForBikes, a national advocacy organization, to partner with them to introduce the technology in 10 communities in early 2017. 


Nov 15 2016

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  • Lynsie Campbell
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