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Think Tank to End Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault

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The future of women and girls free from domestic violence and sexual assault
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In 2016, one might think that a population that makes up 50% of our society would not be considered a vulnerable population.  Unfortunately, one in four women and girls can expect to be sexually assaulted in their lifetime.  This has to stop. Today, there are many services for battered women.  These services occur AFTER the attack(s).  There are too few organizations focused on prevention of domestic violence and sexual assault.  I would like to build a think tank that first focuses on research - to understand why men and boys choose to attack women and girls, why women and girls are either attracted to men and boys who attack or why women and girls choose to stay with their abusers, and finally research-based programming to prevent future domestic violence and sexual assault.I suspect the reason the statistics are still so high is the lack of research, and the lack of focus.  Typically research is done at a national level, which introduces so many additional factors.  I would like to focus on the Pittsburgh area as one microcosm.The second part is developing programming, rooted in technology, to help both boys and girls develop the skills and behaviors to respect one another, recognize early warning signs and seek help.  Three major parts of my background play a role in the expected programming:(1) Technology - I am an electrical engineer by degree, and would like to see development of technology to solve societal problems.  This will be the focus of our programming to end domestic violence and sexual assault.(2) Behavioral Economics - For the last five years, I have been developing and implementing behavior change programming for my clients (using technology).  The key pillars of behavior change are communication, learning, recognition / reward and measurement.  Behavior change is a key element required to end domestic violence and sexual assault.(3) Collaboration - This issue will take a village, and I want to include as many individuals, organizations, government policy makers, with as many diverse viewpoints as possible.  This is not a blame game, but rather solving the problem with a deep understanding of why this is happening in the first place.


Nov 15 2016

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