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Clean & Healthy Meals for People Touched by Cancer

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Barbara, volunteer, prepares a meal for Our Clubhouse members.
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Preview we are all in this together adult and child backs
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What We Do
At Our Clubhouse, we know that when cancer happens, it happens to the entire family. Our Clubhouse is here to support those impacted by cancer at diagnosis, through treatment, and in transition to life beyond the disease. Our essential programs complement medical care by providing support groups, health and movement workshops, individual support, art and expression workshops, social activities, and educational lectures.

The Gap

Our Clubhouse is seeking to increase people’s access to healthy foods and the nutritional choices that will most benefit those facing a life-threatening health crisis. In the process of destroying cancer cells, chemotherapy and radiation damage or destroy healthy cells as well. Proper food intake, one of the few health variables we are directly in control over, can help condition and prepare one's body for chemotherapy in the days leading up to and following treatment. However, in the face of a cancer crisis and an overwhelming amount of new information, even small dietary changes can seem like insurmountable challenges, especially without specific and customized support.

The Idea

In order to bridge this gap and connect healthy food to those who need it most, Our Clubhouse proposes a one-year partnership with Pink Ribbon Cooking™, a recognized community partner of the United States Department of Agriculture Center for Nutrition Policy. Our Clubhouse can ensure that our kitchen, stocked ingredients, prepared recipes, and cooking workshops are all primarily designed to support the dietary needs of people facing cancer. This collaboration will also provide our members with actionable steps to cope with the side effects of treatment as they move from patient to survivor and beyond. Additionally, certified chefs will train our local volunteers to cook simple, healthy, and delicious food that addresses the dietary needs of people facing cancer.

Kick-Off Event -  A three-day on-site visit that will include a large educational lecture and cooking demonstration open to the public, numerous cooking workshops tailored to specific needs (e.g. “Cooking Through Chemo”, “Cooking Through Prostrate Cancer Treatment”, etc.), and coaching sessions for the volunteers that prepare meals for Our Clubhouse members on a weekly basis. Pink Ribbon Cooking will also evaluate the current state of Our Clubhouse’s kitchen and recommend changes that will ensure our kitchen is a model kitchen for all those wanting to make positive dietary changes in their own homes.

Quarterly - Pink Ribbon Cooking will make quarterly visits, all two-day on-site visits designed to further volunteer coaching, offer additional customized cooking workshops, and give Our Clubhouse members the tools to have relevant and essential recipes, techniques, and knowledge about the cooking process. 

Monthly - Our Clubhouse will host an educational workshop that includes a pre-recorded cooking demonstration followed by a live lecture/Q&A with Pink Ribbon Cooking founder Chef Curtiss Hemm through Google Hangout. This monthly workshop will be open to the public with an in-person capacity of 150 people.

Our vision is that in 2017, Our Clubhouse will provide a clean and healthy kitchen where all those touched by cancer can gather to eat nutritious food in a welcoming community and learn simple methods of taking an active role in their health and wellbeing.


Nov 14 2016

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