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HiberSense Micro-Zone Climate Control™ for Nonprofits and Low Income Housing

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Smarter Buildings. Smaller Bills.
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Nonprofits and Low Income Housing buildings under 50,000 sqft are spending over $33,000 every year on HVAC. These systems often waste up to 40% of their energy by heating and cooling spaces that aren’t occupied and by over-conditioning occupied spaces. Not only is this energy wasted, but these spaces are also uncomfortable, which can increase turnover rates by up to 13%.


HiberSense saves up to 40% of HVAC costs and increases comfort for individuals, creating a payback in as little as 1 year.

HiberSense provides Micro-Zone Climate Control™, a self-learning thermostat system.  HiberSense uses sensors within a property to determine occupant patterns and user feedback from our HiberSense app to learn preferences in order to target only the rooms that need heating or cooling. Our wireless dampers then direct airflow based on whether temperatures need to be changed. This maximizes comfort and creates a healthy environment. We offer exclusive monthly analytic packages and operational alerts so the facility manager can be proactive, fixing problems before they occur, and can better understand and control their properties’ energy use.

HiberSense is particularly interesting to several types of Nonprofits and Low Income Housing; those that spend much of their small budgets on HVAC, which can account for more than 50% of the energy bill, and those that must monitor the health of their population and clients, especially during hard-climate conditions. Our technology will enable monitoring when needed and controlling climate when wanted.  We are currently in conversations with Hosanna House in Wilkinsburg, but would also like to get connections in the Housing Authority offices of the City of Pittsburgh, County of Allegheny, and other projects that manage housing to such populations.


Nov 07 2016

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HiberSense Micro-Zone Climate Control™

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  • Brendan Quay
  • Daniel Mosse
  • Jacob Kring

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