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Brain performance monitoring anywhere 24/7

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Take control of your brain performance
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RC21X provides objective brain data through a series of video games. It replaces a doctor asking you "how do you feel?"
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Adolescence is marked by growth, activity and sometimes stress. At some schools, students face even greater stressors—drugs, violence and undiagnosed mental health issues. Such factors can affect a young person’s health and their behavior. Traditionally wellness programs have largely ignored our brain, but it’s our brain that defines our personality and who we are.

RC21X has developed a web-based brain performance monitoring tool. Users play a series of videogames—webified versions of pen-and-paper tests/tabletop apparatuses used for more than 50 years to test neurocognition. RC21X screens all parts of the brain and each 12-minute session captures over 3,000 data points. With RC21X, students and their families can take a proactive approach to brain health. At-risk students can seek interventions earlier and more effectively. Objective data can be added to Student Assistance Programs to get kids back on track.

The grant would fund a program for schools. Students would establish their baselines and then would be given tips to improve their brain health throughout the year. Progress would be measured for each student as well as the effects of any lifestyle changes.

The program can show how healthy choices like increased sleep, good diet and exercise are beneficial to brain performance.


Oct 06 2016

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