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Innotake helps students comprehend confusing material easily and quickly

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Innotake is an app that helps people comprehend material easier.  Innotake aims to help university students who purchase textbooks that often are difficult to comprehend. Upon downloading Innotake, users can post requests for explanations of textbook passages, view explanations of textbook passages that already exist on the app or provide explanations as requested of textbook passages. . Innotake can also be used for transcribing audio content and for translating content from different languages.

For example, if a student has difficulty understanding a paragraph on a certain page of a math textbook, they can go to the app and search to see if explanations of that paragraph already exist. If it does not, they can post a request for an explanation, and offer a tip for the best response. The student can then peruse the responses until they find an explanation they comprehend, and then tip the responder(s).

Innotake takes a small percentage from every tip. Users who tip will have an opportunity to rate explanations and divide the tips among multiple responders. 

Innotake eliminates the one-on-one tutor process which can be time-consuming and/or expensive. It also reduces the amount of time students spend struggling to comprehend confusing text on their own.


Nov 01 2016

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