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Improving Outcomes by Empowering Parents & Providers of Special Needs Children

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Improving Outcomes by Empowering Parents and Providers of Children with Special Needs
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Community Data Roundtable is a non-profit organization dedicated to generating and using data to help the quality of services in community behavioral health -- a sector mostly run by nonprofits, and serving vulnerable populations.  CDR works by giving providers, managed care organizations, government entities, and advocates and parents, access to our online evaluation and decision support tool, “The DataPool” as well as the data generated from the use of this tool.  At the individual level: assessments done on the DataPool help providers refer to appropriate treatment and craft appropriate treatment plans.  Then, at the aggregate level, the data is reviewed as a part of stakeholder “Roundtables,” which utilize the data to chart directions for planning.  

The DataPool is already in use in Pennsylvania by approximately 200 clinicians across 23 counties.  Every day clinicians, managed care entities, and county governments are using the data to make decisions at multiple levels, but what is missing is the role of the parent.  That is our next step: the Parent Portal.

The Parent Portal would allow caregivers to access their child’s DataPool information directly, and in a way that is clear and oriented to parental needs.  This would include:

  • A clear identification of clinical needs that are directly transferable to planning IEPs or 504 plans for children,
  • A running outcomes graph for the child’s care across multiple providers and managed care entities,
  • A clear summary of what is getting better, and what hasn’t been improving,
  • A history of the child’s treatments, and the outcomes from each treatment,
  • Information about alternative treatments that a child would benefit from in the local area.

The Parent Portal has the ability to greatly improve the experience for parents trying to manage the complex community mental health system -- connecting the dots between providers, treatments, and managed care entities.  This also helps the providers, of course, since a more actively engaged parent is better

What makes CDR’s DataPool and model innovative is the fact that we take a collaborative approach, involving front-line staff, administrators, supervisors, parents, agencies, and managed care entities in the entire development and implementation process. We know that many nonprofits and providers can not afford the high-priced technology solutions for monitoring outcomes and collecting data that are on the market today. This leaves opportunity for lower quality evaluations and incomplete data collection - and sometimes limited, if any, analysis on the data that is being collected.

Our model, our software and our team are ready to expand into the rest of Pennsylvania and beyond. With the help of an award from UpPrize, we could complete the development of the Parent Portal and begin preparing the software to be a free and assessable outcomes tool that will meet the needs of an unlimited number of nonprofit and provider groups across the country - ultimately leading to better evaluations and treatment outcomes for special needs children.


Dec 20 2016

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The DataPool Parent Portal

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  • Dan Warner, Ph.D.

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