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The Cycle Of Life Healthy Food Delivery And Preparation Program.

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Our idea is built on three pillars that all center on the life cycle of people and their food supply.
Delivery- Our plan is to set up a delivery service that provides minimally proceeded foods to people that otherwise would not have these food options available to them per processed food normally being cheaper, easier and quicker to prepare. Our plan is to lower wholesome natural food price and ease of access with our delivery service.

ood Preparation Training- Our plan is to utilize the food we are delivering to our clients as the base ingredients to provide minimally proceeded prepared food. We then will provide training to interested clients on how the body uses foods and the benefits of wholesome minimally proceeded foods. This training will include how to prepare your own prepared foods using the ingredients our delivery service provides.

Food storage- Our plan is to provide freeze dried wholesome foods to the homeless, and with our delivery service. One problem with getting people to make healthy food choices is competing with convenience and availability of fast, unhealthy, processed foods. We will provide training to our clients on how to store, grow and preserve their food so that they can prepare a food plan with a long term goal of having our clients plan season to season, not meal to meal; breaking the cycle and niche cheap, unhealthy, processed food fills.


Dec 01 2016

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Healthy Food

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  • Dean Petrella
  • Julie Michael

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