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"Food For Thought" is a vehicle that mobilizes sustainable food systems!

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Essence Howze on the cover of The Hienz Endowments November 2016 magazine issues with a featured story of 3 my internship at Grow Pittsburgh, while attending the community College of Allegheny County for Business Management and Community Kitchen;s Culinary School
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Team Member Essence Howze Brochure of Sillver Lining "Essea's Ecoventures Initiative"
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Team Member Don Patterson and Dant'e Meadows Brochure of The Western PA Food Cart Association "Healthy Food Cart Initiative"
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Team Member Don Patterson and Dant'e Meadows Brochure of The Western PA Food Cart Association "Healthy food Cart Initiative"
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Preview new sept program pdf
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                                                 FOOD FOR THOUGHT 
                         "You are what you eat; you stand where you are."

Our mission is to The Mobile Market Food truck will have partnerships with local farms such as Penn's Corner where we will purchase crops at a wholesale affordable price, to fill residents orders through the Mobile Market App.via mobile food truck through orders via a mobile market app; with an educational component that serves food dessert areas with local food at local stops and venues.

 Our vision is to create an entity that can be an community internal and ongoing event, around travel , food diversity . Within a  catering module that The Western PA Food Cart Association and their consumers could benefit from. Silver Lining, LLC  simply is acting as an operator and facilitating vessel that is combing those masses of people and projects that have worked on socioeconomic solution's for society to face the adversity of living in a food dessert. 

Our team acknowledges grassroots  organization that farm and distributes food and what it does for the city of Pittsburgh, especially as it gives financial savings, healthy food and a foundation for lower-income to middle income families . We measures success by the action that we put forth and action yields results. Making a significant impact requires hard work, dedication and a team of supporters. We have the resources of a awesome venues, people , land and great timing now all we need is your support to see the fruition of Food For Thought

Our Partnership  is with The "Western PA Food Cart Association" . Whose  mission is to address the lack of diversity in the western pa mobile vending community, oppressed food dessert areas . Will address this issue through innovative initiative and collaboration  with "Silver Lining, LLC"  " Food For Thought" vehicle  for healthy holistic food access. This unique partnership along with some of western PAs outstanding non profits together help to create non traditional funding that will help lower the cost of  distribution and entry into the mobile food vending arena, which is a major obstacle for many people. One of new initiative is call "Healthy Food Cart Initiative" which provide fresh fruit and vegetables to food dessert in low income area supplying residents/consumers with healthy options such as "Mind,Body and Soul Food"

Our products and services are based on diversify needs we recognized that there is no agriculture without culture. By adhering to diverse needs will increase the desire and ability for consumers to access healthy food packages that are customize to the consumers choice of food culture, diet and family size which will create generational and independent sustainability.We are a business of Cooks and Farmers that work in unison to provide your residents with the personal and cultural customize kitchen garden based on their heritage and style of cooking that will bring prosperity and abundance to enrich the residents home and livelihood. After all family and learning play a vital role in the " Food For Thought" Vehicle.

Our food packages and prepared meal plans supports grass organizations efforts  is for Food For Thought will to  purchase local crops from these two non profit organizations Grow Pittsburgh and The B.U.G.S COOP that have  empower myself thus Food For Thought. Families will be a part of creating a meal where fine family dining meets optimum health. Each course is paired with a special Selection of high-end alkaline water infused with fresh fruits and herbs creating an array of quintessential vitamins and minerals with bursting flavor for your taste buds!

Our curriculum is design with cognitive and holistic solutions to face adversity of psychological trauma that residents have face while being a victim of food insecurity , oppression which results in depression. By a focusing on cognitive behavior therapy, environmental optimists , eating healthy habits, exercises routines and development into the mind of the city’s youth, children and families in food dessert communities.

Our goal
 is to contract Jireh Mobile to create an app design by Food For Thought so residents in food dessert areas can access healthy meal packages Which will customize diets and meals after an assessment during a home or community visits. 

Mobile Market App Concept

  To assess  and  guide residents in an assembly of awareness in food  education, resources,   sustainability for the ecology and economy of their residents local nature habitat. 
 By sharing experiences we may began to contribute a bolt to society. We operate as a vessel to ignite change in people’s lives through bio-technology and environmental friendly design and holistic media. Controlling ones present situation now shapes your future outcome.
Welcoming a wide spectrum of diverse residents to engage with a community boards hosted by  Environmentalist, Social Economist and Nutritionist whom are for the well-being of the recipients of  "Food For Thought" .  Every year there is a Food Revolution Concert in Pittsburgh on these issues. This is an event that The Mobile Market App would post on our calendar and social media outlets. 

Our gratitude of  this organization potential contribution which enable Food For Thought to transform  into lives by planting seeds of knowledge that will spurts an impact solution through holistic empowerment. 


Nov 30 2016

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Mind, Body and Soul Food"

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