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Single Point of Entry Initiative

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Community Empowerment Association, Inc.: A Single Point of Entry
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Single point of Entry. Single point of entry (SPOE) allows CEA to be the Lead Agency and focal point of human service system.  CEA as the central coordination office, can channel all incoming residents of the 7 other Target areas to immediately connect to their appropriate services. The 7 Target areas will each have a Neighborhood Coordinator to outreach to their corresponding neighborhood and connect them back to the Central Office. The neighborhood residents will be able to attain all of the services available to address various issues and problems associated with their family members (infants to young children, youth, and young adults to senior citizens). This component will develop matrix of community resources and services, such as day and child care, after school programs, CCAC programs, career planning, housing, business, family service, health care, youth services, senior care, recreation, counseling services, etc. This component of the service system will also be able to identify job training programs that are directly connected to job placement, matching qualified community residents with available jobs. This system will be based on the centralized community database, which includes all of the service and program providers, in reference to eligibility criteria, service and program capacity, etc.   Advanced human services organizations recognize that an integrated human services delivery is essential for generating optimal benefits and desirable impact. It is about simplifying and realigning service delivery so that it is capable of offering comprehensive needs assessment (instead of limited to only fund-able service areas), and personalized integrated services that efficiently and effectively empower independence and self-sufficiency among the residents.   The key is to address the complex situation of an individual or family holistically and issue well-coordinated services, rather than providing one disconnected service at a time. Success will mean taking advantage of the latest technologies and improving the service process-- from intake and eligibility determination through centralized case management, integrated service delivery, and evidence-based outcome evaluation.    The SPOE system seeks to bring all human services in selected communities together in an integrated and consistent continuum of services for residents. The premise being that giving families early support, education and interventions will produce more favorable outcomes at a lower cost than the current practice of waiting until circumstances are bad enough to necessitate higher costing critical care with virtually no sustainable benefits.


Nov 30 2016

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  • T. Rashad Byrdsong
  • Amargie Davis
  • Daytona Gordon
  • Angie Devan
  • Genie Beckom

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