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another happy neighborhood cook shows the art of using the community oven
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just an example of the great pizza that can be made using some fresh ingredients, and a little time with friends.
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a community member stokes the fire for another batch of baked goods
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Building on our experiences of helping construct the Braddock Community Oven (, and in partnership with the Carnegie Mellon School of Architecture Urban Design Build Studio, we're creating a line of community pizza ovens for underserved municipalities and schools in Western PA. 

Wood-fired brick ovens have been in existence since the dawn of man, as indicated from the archeology of most ancient cultures. Even today, these types of ovens are as commonplace in in parts of Europe as barbecue grills are in America. 

There are many advantages to pizza made in a brick oven;
- Healthier (using fresh, locally sourced, ingredients)
- More economical (cook more than one at a time)
- More Effective (foods prepare more quickly)

Plus - as we've learned in Braddock, these community ovens are not only a great source of healthy meals, but also serve as an intentful gathering spaces.  An oven is a story magnet, and help build community. People rarely pass by the the Braddock oven when something is baking without stopping to talk and share. 

Furthermore, we've proven an oven can be self-sustainable through grassroots efforts like bake sales and specialty pizza nights, when needed.

TIPizza will employ graduates of the Trade Institute of Pittsburgh's masonry program (beginning with Kenta), will receive design assistance from CMU's UDBS, and already has a commitment to build the next oven for Holy Family Institute to support some of their entrepreneurial education efforts.


Nov 30 2016

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Joshua Pollard

12 months ago

Great idea. Go Braddock! Go TIP!

Shawn Graham

12 months ago

This is a great idea. TIP students/graduates create some truly amazing masonry projects and this would give communities a chance to enjoy seeing /experiencing their craftsmanship and come together.

Ann Dugan

12 months ago

Amazing quality work by a unique group of people. Let's. Win and move on to creating these pizza ovens in communities all over Pittsburgh and beyond.

Philip Marzolf

12 months ago

Truly awesome idea - practical and capable of realizing community benefits quickly. How can communities sign up for one?

Kit Mueller

12 months ago

Thanks to @TheInclinePgh for sharing the good news about our efforts to bring #TIPizza to underserved communities and schools, and advance opportunities for our graduates!

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