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Electric Fire Truck

While consulting with the City of Pittsburgh, the aim was to explore ways to convert our city's fleet to alternative energy solutions for more sustainable operations.  Although electric options exist for cars, buses, garbage trucks, ambulances, and more, the fire truck is almost exclusively produced in only diesel forms.  This lack of options is troubling since fire trucks can be one of the dirtiest polluters due to low miles per gallon performance and heavy mileage.  Innovating a fully-electric fire
truck can be a game-changer that sets Pittsburgh apart from any other city and bring jobs to our community.

Worries of limited battery capacity can be overcome by engineering modular, replaceable battery port designs so that power never runs out to continuously protect citizens.  Also, though new fire trucks are easily priced over $1 million, creative financing models that offer the apparatus as a service rather than a product can make the payments more manageable while ensuring that the vehicle is properly reconstructed at the end of its useful life.  This reconfiguration can allow for upgraded technology as EV's develop and eliminates the concern of decades-old machinery taking up space in the fire station.

These efficiencies improve firefighting performance and influence fiscal responsibility with taxpayer money, allowing for a more flexible city budget.  Other gains include cleaner air for public health and improved environmental atmosphere, allowing beautiful city views while fighting climate change.  Help make the electric fire truck a showcase for our city.  Thank you!


Oct 23 2016

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  • Jacob Bethem

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Karrie Elizabeth

about 1 year ago

Jacob, this is a terrific idea!

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