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The Good Food Project

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The Good Food Project
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he Good Food Project
A program of 412 Food Rescue
in collaboration with Just Harvest, New Sun Rising, Enactus University of Pittsburgh, and Pittsburgh’s chefs led by Jamilka Borges  

412 Food Rescue was founded to directly respond to the disconnect between the fact that 40% of perfectly good food goes to waste while 1 in 7 goes hungry. 60% of what we recover are healthy fruits and vegetables. We are a direct transfer organization – we do not warehouse – we redirect food to our nonprofit partners who often use and redistribute the food the same day.  

Because of our transportation network of over 1,000 volunteers, we are able to go directly to the population we serve. Our innovative partnerships meet those who are hungry where they are—circumventing the pressure of having to find and pay for transportation to access food.

This past spring, we launched Cooking Matters, a nationally renowned food education curriculum designed for low-income households. This is with the understanding that for this new access to healthy food to find its way into our tables, we need to bring back simple cooking skills that all of us are slowly losing.  

In 20 months, 412 Food Rescue has recovered 1,000,000 pounds of fresh food—and this is only the beginning. Our food recovery rate is only going to increase as expand beyond the 200 food retailers we work with. We have an opportunity to take this food and not only be able to provide produce to families in need but finally provide healthy alternatives to fast food and frozen food.  

The Good Food Project is the next step in our quest to ensure that everyone has access to healthy food. While we continue our mission to educate households on healthy cooking and eating, we meet people where they are in their real lives—we do not always have the time to cook. This is why fast food and frozen meals are emerging to be our main source of calories, unhealthy calories.  

The Good Food Project transforms fresh, healthy rescued food into extremely affordable prepared meals. Because we recover surplus food, we now have an opportunity to make products whose cost allows us to pass on a price that are competitive with value meals.  

412 Food Rescue is looking to build a commissary kitchen in Millvale in collaboration with New Sun Rising. We will create SNAP-eligible products and distribute food via Just Harvest’s Healthy Corner Stores. We will launch a food truck that is designed to serve an ever-rotating and creative menu of food from surplus ingredients—value meals and heat-to-eat meals that are healthful alternatives.  

Our commissary kitchen will be equipped and staffed like no other kitchen – the objective is to to respond to the unpredictable nature of surplus food. To design processes and techniques to maximize preservation and utilization. Through this kitchen, we will be able to identify best practices and processes required to handle recovered food.

Chefs, led by Jamilka Borges, will create recipes and lead volunteers in transforming surplus ingredients to delicious meals. University of Pittsburgh Business School’s Enactus program has committed to work with 412 Food Rescue to launch our good food truck.  

The Good Food Project continues 412 Food Rescue’s social lab and collaborative approach to introducing innovations that will scale food recovery. 


Nov 30 2016

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