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Empowering Single Mothers to SLAYY

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Over the last 30 years, the US has experienced 500 killings of children per year by their mother.  Of all these tragic instances, 71% of children killed by a one parent is killed by their mother. We’ve recently experienced these instances in Allegheny County over the last years reaching national news. There are numerous factors that can lead one to commit these crimes and stressors from activities of daily living can cause compassion fatigue. Here is what we know: The Facts

  • On average PA single moms are bringing home $24,250 annually.
  • 40% of single moms live in poverty
  • 31% of PA single moms are unemployed
  • 10% of all PA households are led by single moms
  • = 318,553 single mom households in Pennsylvania
  • 34.4% of US single moms are food insecure
  • 1/3 of US single moms’ income is spent on childcare
  • 22% of US single moms have no health insurance
  • ½ of US single moms income is spent on housing expenses
(U.S. Census Bureau) Now there are several organizations that are designed to assist single mothers overcome these barriers. However there is also harsh stigmas attached when women take advantage of the resources designed for them (e.g. the welfare queen). Sometimes women don’t need a service as much as they simply need a friend. A women who can relate and lend an unbiased ear. Where do we start? We start small, we start together. Strong Ladies, Advance Your Year (SLAYY) is a network designed to empower single mothers in the Pittsburgh region to advance their current status by making strong connections to resources and other women in the community. The goal of SLAYY is to make a safe space for women to bond, ease of accessibility to current resources that exist in the community, and create strategies for advancement.   How is this accomplished? Virtually: A networking app that is designed for SLAYY champions to locate mothers in the area. They will create a profile indicating the name, number of children, and interests. Users can login on and find women nearby who may have an interest in playdates or cozy conversation. In addition, users will have a directory to instantly access information that our partner organizations have to offer in areas of finance, legal aid, career, education and homeownership. In person: SLAYY host a series of pop-up shops bimonthly in the local community inviting organizations in the five target areas to engage for average of 3 hours on a Saturday. Activities for children are available to allow the mother to direct attention on the resources being provided.  Prior to leaving the event, the SLAYY champions are partnered with a SLAYY consultant to create an action plan with small steps to a valuable ROI.


Nov 30 2016

  • SLAYY - Strong Ladies Advance Your Year
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