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Beautiful, Bountiful Parks and the people that nurture them

Why I am making this suggestion.....I have been involved with Pittsburgh food organizations for years, volunteering with Pgh Community Food Bank, Meals on Wheels, Family Promise, Beechveiw Food Bank and actually established a crazy "surplus food triage" for a few years ( Before Food Rescue 412 took over).  I know that fresh produce is what is needed in so many communities.  I also have a tiny garden  with great output, have worked with SHIM in their gardens and watched their production soar to meet the needs of SHIM clients and I am a volunteer at the CSL ( Center for Sustainable Landscapes). My dad used to say "Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day, teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime". Let's capitalize on the land we own and teach a generation how to urban farm.... We can do this!!!


Plant existing parks, like Frick and Highland, with sustainable (and attractive)food-producing plants.
     Example: Apple and pear trees are native to our climate. Zucchini plants and swiss chard are simple      to grow and bounteous producers of fresh produce.  Swiss chard is also self-propagating AND         grows in a beautiful array of colors. ( Fill the parks with beauty and have "beans and greens" festivals!) Plant the PPG obelisk with swiss chard and climbing snow peas,what a sustainable food statement!
Educate and train people to design and maintain the food producing plants in our parks.
1. Establish Urban Agriculture degree programs at several local colleges.( Chatham has a Master's of Food Studies and CMU Heinz College has interests in "Grow Pittsburgh" but we need more than this)

2. Establish a body of workers, similar to the Civilian Conservation Corps, to tend to the plants. It will mean jobs and the creation of a new generation of urban farmers who will use their new skills at home and in their communities---production of fresh food for the future!

Phipps Center for Sustainable Landscape (CSL) can select plants and programs of care for them.
Master Gardener organizations can donate their expertise. MG candidates must do a project to earn their title-this will provide many opportunities !  They may donate the starter plants or seeds.
SHIM South Hills Interfaith Ministries has an excellent track record of gardens to guide us


Nov 30 2016

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  • Claire Kist

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