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Pratter is America's Medical Cost Savings Company

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Pratter: America's Medical Cost Savings Company
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The Solution: Pratter - know before you go pricing
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Pratter is a medical cost savings company via transparency. Pratter is offered as an employee benefit with a modest per employee per month pricing. Pratter reduces the massive in-network pricing variation for blood work, imaging studies and elective medical procedures, referred to as outpatient medical care. And that's important, because in-network pricing for the exact same medical care can and does vary by $1,000s.

We analyze any self-insured company‚Äôs actual claims experience for the prior year and generate our proprietary medical cost savings analysis free of charge - what you spent vs what you could have spent with Pratter - to identify the high cost medical items and define the size of the targeted financial opportunity.
Pratter assures engagement by its best-of-practices search and save engine by zip code, cost concierge service, and Pratter Savings Cards with low-cost providers listed and financial incentives listed, where applicable.

Pratter has pricing for over 10,000 medical facilities nationwide, including excellent blood work across the U.S. with cash and insurance pricing for LabCorp, Quest Diagnostics, Med Health Services, Walgreens and CVS Minute Clinics. Our strongest cost data sets for hospitals too are in Pennsylvania, West Virginia, Ohio, Massachusetts, Maryland, Wisconsin, Arizona and California.

Known pricing creates smart shopping. Known pricing creates competition, and with competition, the consumer wins every time with lower prices.  Our goal is to provide all Americans access to affordable health care.


Oct 01 2016

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