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CSA from gleaned local foods

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Green dots are school gardens managed by Grow Pittsburgh, and all other colored dots could be a part of the program as well
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Grow Pittsburgh’s work with school gardens is set to continue and expand after receiving a grant to build 50 new school gardens over the next 4 years, but there is currently no plan regarding what to do with the food that will continue to grow throughout the months when classes are not in session.  Grow Pittsburgh, 412 Food Rescue, and Repair the World: Pittsburgh want to team up to glean the fresh produce from aforementioned school gardens as well as other local sources of food,  and sell it to the local neighborhoods' respective residents through a discount CSA share.  Grow Pittsburgh can accommodate for the use of SNAP benefits, 412 Food Rescue has a large number of contacts within underserved communities to drive demand and delivery capacity to meet that demand, and Repair the World: Pittsburgh has an expansive volunteer network that can accomplish the physical harvesting.  Funding is necessary in order to hire a project manager to oversee and expand the capacity of City CSA, including the implementation of a partnership with other local urban farms to utilize their gleaned produce, as well as gleaned fruit from city-owned trees and bushes.  City CSA would be available for regular delivery or pickup as a means to help combat the inequities in healthy, affordable food access around the city. Prize funds would be used to offset the costs of operation and subsidize the CSA cost dramatically.  


Nov 30 2016

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City CSA

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  • Maxwell Hill

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