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Allowing our communities to share their cultural heritage through food

Cultures around the world have always invented ways to make affordable, nutritious dishes taste wonderful.  Unfortunately for today’s reality, these approaches typically involve a whole lot of soul and even more time.  From our personal experiences starting careers and building a family, making the dishes we grew up on became harder to do without resorting to unhealthy alternatives.  This challenge becomes even greater when budgets are considered.  Preservatives, processed foods, and other available shortcuts started to become necessary compromises. 
Through experimentation, we gradually found ways to reduce our recipes to “kits”, containing only healthy natural ingredients, that could be kept in the pantry and rapidly prepared.  A few years back, we started selling these kits in farmer’s markets and grocery stores in our then home of Virginia.  The proceeds would support charities affiliated with the dish’s cultural heritage.  We had to put this aside when we moved to PA, but feel that the UpPrize Healthy Food Challenge provides a great opportunity to bring this social food effort back in larger scale.
In addition to the kits we already developed, we intend to expand our product line by working with chefs in underprivileged neighborhoods throughout our region.  We will lend our expertise and experience commercializing our own recipes to enable interested partners to do the same.  Once a production-ready recipe is formulated, we will provide the core operations, production, and logistics to affordably get the kit to consumers.  Proceeds will go both to the chef who donated the recipe and to culturally-relevant charities in Western PA and elsewhere.
We are initially targeting products in durable and dried goods, such as seasoning packets and naturally dried food kits, due to their comparative ease in bringing to production and successfully distributing.  As the company grows, we will build processes for quickly producing more complex foods and recipes.  Throughout this growth, we intend to maintain our focus on empowering local chefs and funding good causes with the proceeds of our work.  Our intent is that this effort can address challenges in community workforce development and promote cross-cultural awareness in parallel with providing broader access to healthy food.


Nov 30 2016

  • Three Rivers Creole
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  • Angela Logan
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