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The Empowerment, Awareness, and Training (E.A.T) Initiative

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20K people in Pittsburgh live at 200% of poverty. 60K are people of color.

Poor people suffer from not having access to fresh food; and if they do have access to it, many suffer from not knowing how to prepare it in the most nutritious and cost effective ways for their families. E.A.T. strives to create alliances and partnerships with like-minded individuals and organizations to turn this around. Demonstrating that food can be healthy, flavorful and simple to prepare is important in promoting healthy lifestyles in disinvested communities. We work to ensure that the food system in Pittsburgh is inclusive. 
There is an opportunity to connect people to foods that are sustainable, affordable and accessible. It is our hope that our tech platform, envisioned as a web based application, will be the bridge that leverages technology that virtually connects to E.A.T.'s health benefitting services to the populations in most need, primarily the food deserts. 
According to Pew Research, as of 2015, 68% of U.S. Adults own a smartphone. This presents the opportunity to create something that is accessible to a large segment of the population, even outside of the Pittsburgh region. 
The tech platform will compliment our h
ealthy Cooking Demonstrations & Workshops that we facilitate for children, families, wellness centers, schools, nonprofits & more throughout the City. We would love to introduce to the World #ENTRÉE the network. Tech to make our food system interactive utilizing Media and Technology to make our Food System interActive. 

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Nov 30 2016

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Healthy Food

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E.A.T initiative (Entrée) Technology

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Sofia Marie

12 months ago

This is a wonderful initiative and I am in full support.


12 months ago

Love your ideas! Will make a HUGE IMPACT on the community

Patrick Scotland Jr.

12 months ago

Great program initiative!

Jasmyne Mc Duffie

12 months ago

Great looking program, good luck! #support

Jennifer Blemur

12 months ago

Fresh food access is critical in developing strong minds and bodies in communities of color.

Glenn Rivers

12 months ago



12 months ago

Great idea!

gigi hairington

12 months ago

This sounds like a great idea that could potentially be replicated in other "in -need cities." Much success!


11 months ago

This is absolutely awesome. Let me know how I can help with the education piece.

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