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Growing Healthy Communities

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Hilltop Block Watch is a group of concerned citizens who came together 3 years ago. We focus on 3 main goals of unification, beautification and safety of our neighborhood. The safety part is our connection with the local police department.
The unification and beautification efforts include such things as block parties and Holiday gatherings and a community garden.
The first year we planted a couple of donated trees in our community garden. With some help from Nine Mile Run Watershed Association we planted a birch tree and a juniper berry tree. The next summer, this summer of 2016, we planted lots of beautiful flowers to attract butterflies and bees, as well as some herbs.
A group of kids helped weed the plots and it was then we realized they neither understood what the herbs were, nor why we needed butterflies and bees. The light bulb went on and we could see education was definitely needed about where we get our food and how it grows.
As a group we would like to add several raised beds, fill them with fresh soil, and add wire fencing as needed to keep critters out. We would like to purchase organic plants and herbs and ask the kids to assist in planting and maintenance. We would like the kids to have a better connection with how to grow, maintain, and prepare their own vegetables and herbs. We would like to hire a speaker and schedule a community meeting to discuss bees, butterflies and healthy eating and eventually have a farm stand. 


Nov 30 2016

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  • Linda Atkins
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