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A digital currency that supports volunteers who serve our communities

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involveMINT - Volunteering Refreshed!
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About: Most people think of volunteering as an occasional opportunity to give back and feel good while doing so. But for anyone who’s trying to solve homelessness or food security or educational inequity, you know that you need more than the occasional volunteer to help out.  We understand that volunteering is a privilege, and we’d like to lower those barriers to entry. We at involveMINT think we can unleash the potential of people to tackle community issues, and serve their neighbors while doing so. We do this by creating a digital currency that supports people who want to make change. This currency, or “time credit” can then be traded with other community members for services, or redeemed at local businesses and institutions.

involveMINT brings numerous benefits to many different community stakeholders:

involveMINT allows nonprofits to better recruit and retain volunteers, enabling organizations to better fill underserved positions and keep volunteers coming back to tackle recurring issues.

Volunteers: involveMINT has enormous benefits for volunteers as well. By working together on community projects volunteers feel better rewarded and connected - not to mention they receive access to endless opportunities that local businesses can provide.

Businesses: Furthermore, businesses use involveMINT to offer discounts, services, and free items in exchange for time credits- acquiring more customers and building brand awareness. These offers work extremely well for businesses with very low marginal cost. In other words, overhead costs are fixed, so it does not cost more to bring additional customers to the business. This could include anywhere from classes, concerts and theaters, to sporting events and museums

It doesn’t end there - involveMINT’s mobile application will allow us to “crowdsource” data and content. We know how important it is for businesses and organizations to share their stories, so we ask our volunteers to create useful social media content or data whenever they volunteer and spend time credits. This crowdsourced data and content can then be used by the organizations, or even foundations and funders in their reports.

By bringing together community members, nonprofits and businesses, we help (re)build communities. With involveMINT, volunteers become change makers, organizations become change agents, and businesses become change givers.


Nov 30 2016

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