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Shiphting Displaced Workers through Shared Workforce Platform

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Concerns of employment remaining depressed and a continued decline of household income were issues evident in this past Presidential Election.  These issues can be attributed to structural employment, which can be caused by technology change and geographical immobility.  Workers need education in a technology and the opportunity to apply their learnings through a job to overcome technology change.  They also need the education to be remote and inexpensive, and the job has to place high value on the location of the worker to overcome geographical immobility. 

SHIPHT provides a platform for companies to place their developed e-learning courses.  Anyone can complete these courses to quality for opportunities.  When these companies’ customers request customer service or field service, a qualified worker can take the job through SHIPHT.  The customer determines how well the job is performed using three metrics that are defined by the company.  The worker is paid once the customer enters their ratings.  The ratings can be used to determine the rates that a customer pays for a certain worker, and the rating is personalized for each customer.

SHIPHT is different from e-learning sites such as Udemy because the courses lead directly to jobs.  SHIPHT is different from shared economy services such as TaskRabbit or Uber because the jobs are not low skilled or requires the ownership of a vehicle.  Finally, working through SHIPHT can be the first step for a worker to enter full employment for a company that is using SHIPHT.   

Companies with high customer/field service businesses will use SHIPHT because it should reduce the inefficiencies of their operating costs and higher customer service.  Unemployed or temporary workers will use SHIPHT to improve their skillset while making decent wage to support their family and lifestyle.  Customers of the companies that use SHIPHT will enjoy greater customer and field service through more flexible scheduling and personalized service of their choosing, as well as a decrease in their customer and field service costs. 

The revenue for SHIPHT comes from three potential revenue streams.  Companies will pay a subscription fee for hosting their e-learning courses on SHIPHT.  A portion of the earnings of the worker for
 the completion of a service will also go into SHIPHT.  Finally, SHIPHT will sell the customer service satisfaction data to companies for a price.  


Nov 30 2016

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