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Growing Food - Nurturing People

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Growing Food-Nurturing People
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Growing Food - Nurturing People

Controlled Environment Horticulture (CEH)

  CEH, a 501 (c) (3) corporation is increasing it’s production of food utilizing indoor hydroponic technology and sustainable outdoor gardens at our greenhouse complex in the Borough of Franklin Park . This important component of our Farm to Table Project builds upon our original mission to use hydroponics and gardening for horticultural therapy and the training and employment of persons with disabilities . Phase 1 of the project includes expansion of the existing hydroponic production of lettuce , herbs , microgreens and specialty food items ; expansion of the outdoor gardens and education programs ; and the introduction of apiaries and chicken coops.

Start up of the project has been funded and implemented with the collaboration of CEH tenants Sewickley Creek Greenhouse and REAP. The outdoor gardens were constructed by students from the Community College of Allegheny County which has managed a Vocational Education program for persons needing learning supports at the CEH greenhouse complex for the past 20 years .  Students in this program and individuals from the Watson Institute , LifesWork of Western Pa and several local high schools will be involved in the future construction and operation of all project components . All participants will be exposed to the concept of the production of local , nutritious food and in time these concepts will be formally added to the training programs . During the early stages most produce has been distributed to employees and students . An initial sale of lettuce was made to the Pittsburgh Food Kitchen and CEH anticipates future opportunities to work with local food banks and organizations that are participating in efforts to make local nutritious food available to vulnerable populations. CEH plans to make the project a community asset.

Implementation of this Farm to Table Project will utilize the same social enterprise model and collaborative efforts that have allowed CEH to provide training to more than 500 individuals with various disabilities since 1994. All vocational and life skill development programs are integrated into the production of flowers , vegetable plants and other horticultural products that when sold generate the revenue to sustain CEH . CEH and it’s partners are looking forward to the ongoing benefits this project can provide to the programs hosted at our greenhouse and to other’s in the area that have similar missions .


Nov 30 2016

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  • George Jones
  • Beth Monteverde
  • John Helbling
  • Mark Zappala
  • Mary Jo Guercio

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Hank Wilde

12 months ago

If you have trouble viewing the video above, here is a direct link: Please remember to Like us and leave a comment here! We love hearing feedback!

Samantha Tomei Rouse

12 months ago

This is a wonderful idea! Best of luck to you and your team.

John Baran

12 months ago

Outstanding Hank. Great cause, and I'm so proud of your efforts to "give back". Thanks for caring! John Baran

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