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Holistic Healing, Urban Ag, a Living-wage, and Hope – Tools for Prison Re-entry

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This year, our non-profit workforce development organization Focused Integrative Training (FIT) acquired the use of the five-acre, inner-city Healcrest Urban Farm space to further our mission.  Next spring, we begin using breath, food, agriculture, community, employment, a living-wage, and hope as our tools to assist in the successful re-entry of parents returning from incarceration for non-violent offenses. 

Our end product is human beings with a changed life who have been provided with tools to succeed in life and are "work-ready." Though many employers are willing to overlook an individual's past, many more need validation that an employee is prepared to be a company asset. FIT provides a segway between incarceration while also fully vetting participants for future placement in living-wage, green career opportunities. Through our work with IdeaFoundry’s InterSector social enterprise accelerator, additional entrepreneurial support and business model development is being planned.

Holistic emotional and psychological tools, rooted in evidence-based methodology, help ensure the internal development necessary for success. A primary focus of our organization is food growth and  production, which result
s in the provision of a space designed with Garfield community food justice and food access needs in mind. Sustainability, replicability, and scale are being built into our project from the beginning. We are fortunate to also have on our team Sutia "Kim" Alter, a grandmother of social enterprise. As a three-time Oxford fellow, Kim wrote the very first college text book on managing the business model. She started more than one hundred social enterprises in more than 45 countries and is lending her life of experience to our success. Added to astute business support is our diverse, cross-generational, cross-cultural community of supporters that spans from 1Hood rapper and activist Blak Rapp Madusa to integrative psychiatrist Matt Keener, who previously led resident research at Western Psychiatric Hospital, from international touring band Papadosio, to chief of western PA's department of federal probation, Belinda Ashley. In our unparalleled diversity lies deep strength.

Leaders in local business, government, the foundation community, prison re-entry, probation/parole, and workforce development have expressed strong support for seeing this vision move forward. UpPrize will go a long way towards allowing us to be the change in our community that we envision.


Nov 29 2016

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Healthy Food

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The FIT Farm @ Hillcrest

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  • Josh Inklovich

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Monica Harold

about 1 year ago

Volunteered at Healfest, it was great to see so many people come out in support of urban farming at Healcrest!

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