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Homewood Community Cafe'

Homewood Community Café   The Center for Spirituality (a nonprofit organization) wants to collaborate with local community gardens and area grocery stores to create the Homewood Community Café. Part of the mission of The Center for Spirituality is to provide services that will nurture ongoing healing and growth and by collaborating with other stakeholders in the community. We believe that through our mission we can make a real difference and make a significant contribution to Homewood.  There is a need for a community café in Homewood to address food insecurity, and a need for a place for people in the community to form better relationships with each other. There are two basic ideas we want to incorporate for our café: (1) We want to serve healthy, well-prepared food; and (2) We want to make this a community space where people are not judged because of their economic level, age, race, ethnicity, politics, religion or ability.  Our plan is to operate with a no-set-menu which will allow us to serve more healthy food options, allow us to use fresh, local food donations immediately, and allow people to choose their own portions; and in a “suggested donation” per portion manner giving people the opportunity to pay what they can afford which encourages them to eat everything on their plate.  If the first portion of food isn’t enough, they can always come back for more.  We will accept smaller donations from those who express the inability to “pay” full price and accept larger donations from those who can afford to give a little more.  In order to help those vulnerable populations who can’t afford to pay, we will ask that they consider volunteering to earn their meal, but will still provide a meal if they are unable to volunteer or pay.  We also plan to offer a free meal once a week for everyone. The Center for Spirituality currently has a kitchen that is Health Department certified and we can accommodate approximately 750 people.  We currently have a team in place with an Executive Director, Chef Consultant, Cook and are currently engaging the community for their input on this idea by holding community meetings, distributing a survey and actively seeking volunteers.  We believe this model is sustainable and scalable and is a model that can be used to help other communities start a café. 


Nov 29 2016

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Healthy Food

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  • Gina Hickman
  • Micheal Evans
  • Duwane Fields
  • Randii Snowden
  • Dena Naughter

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