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Transition Success: The Key to Reducing Recidivism

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NewDAY Combines Online Technology With Expert Transition Knowledge
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NewDAY Transition Services, a Pennsylvania nonprofit based in Pittsburgh, is the brainchild of Richard Garland and Gerald Driggs. It is an online service that helps agencies, practitioners, and counselors cut recidivism rates of ex-offenders. We focus on ex-offenders mastering life-transition skills. A sound transition methodology is the lynchpin to a successful reentry program. Therefore it is the one area in the corrections equation that deserves the most innovative, practical, and dependable solutions. 

Successful transition and reintegration of ex offenders into the community is top priority of the Pennsylvania Department of Corrections (DOC). With an annual budget of $2.3 billion, John Wetzel, Secretary of DOC, maintains that successful reentry is not just a socially responsible goal that improves the lives of the ex offenders but it is also a financial goal that produces a measurable return on investment.  Successful transition is not an option. It is a requirement.

18,000 men and women in Pennsylvania leave correctional facilities each year. Unfortunately nearly 60% are back in prison in less than 3 years. Southwestern PA is second only to Philadelphia in recidivism rates. Too many of these individuals are ill prepared to make the transition from institutional to independent life.   

NewDAY combines online technology with expert transition knowledge to provide reentry agencies and their staff a practical set of online tools that increases the client’s ability to successfully achieve positive transitions in life – a key to avoiding recidivism.   

NewDAY's secure on-line tools enhance service delivery and organize information to produce real-time benefits. An individualized transition plan is created to match each user profile. The plan is available online to every person involved in that person’s reentry. It contains observations, recommendations, and “next step” guidelines that are based on the combined transition expertise of our team members. The process is repeated at regular intervals. Outcome information is used to improve services.
 NewDAY is a service available to all agencies working with reentry clients to improve their transition back into community.   

NewDAY Services improves the service agency’s success with each ex offender’s reentry. NewDAY facilitates the person’s movement from prison to post-release activities. It is based on collaboration of people and start-of-the-art technology. 

Here’s the good news. We have a working prototype; a strong group of expert collaborators; a business plan; and potential clients. Join us as we create the most comprehensive online transition support service for ex-offenders in Pennsylvania.  Visit our website today!


Nov 29 2016

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Bryon Marshall

about 1 year ago

This is a much needed program and we should support it...

Eva Lucas Oaks

about 1 year ago

I wish them much success in launching and providing this much needed service in the Pittsburgh and surrounding areas.

Stephanie G Ezekoye

about 1 year ago

This is an excellent project very similar to The "Next Step Fishers of Men" project in California

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