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Project Playground: Making Collaboration Visible

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STEAM group work in the elementary classroom
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Software in action
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Students reflecting, using Project Playground
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Project Playground is transforming K-12 education by empowering teachers and enhancing students’ social and emotional skills. By (a) encouraging students to collaborate and (b) teaching teachers how to measure collaboration skills, Project Playground’s software is improving students’ social and emotional learning (SEL).

In the classroom, many teachers find themselves frustrated when facilitating group work, while students struggle to work together. Our product targets K-5 teachers by spotlighting key SEL skills.  

Why SEL? Increased SEL is linked with higher academic performance and graduation rates, which will impact Western Pennsylvania's most vulnerable students. We envision our software as a powerful tool in classrooms, allowing teachers to place attention on collaboration and teaching students to identify, practice, and build these key SEL skills.

On our digital platform, students reflect on their experiences after any group work session. Teachers gain immediate feedback, including individualized skill-building suggestions for their students. A variety of features will be available to support teachers and students in building these critical SEL skills.

Project Playground is involved with a number of organizations in the local community. Our software is being piloted in several classrooms.  We are a member of the Sprout Fund’s EdTech Refinery and have received development support from the BhiveLab at Brunner Works.

Project Playground is entering the market during a pivotal shift in education: away from traditional classrooms and towards vibrant classrooms that include more group projects that focus on problem solving challenges, STEAM makerspaces and growing attention on SEL. Project Playground has an opportunity to bring collaboration to the center of these trends and help shape the future of the next generation of students.


Nov 29 2016

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Project Playground Software

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  • Wesley Waldrup
  • Garret Hemann
  • Aaron Sams
  • Melissa Unger

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