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Garfield Orchard Project

We are purchasing 1.4 acres of unused hillside in the underserved community of Garfield. We are coordinating with students and faculty from CMU to build erosion-resistant landscaping and water management systems that will slow the drainage of stormwater and store it for irrigation. We will partner with local schools, churches and social groups to grow, care for, and harvest an orchard of apples, nuts and other long-lasting food plants. Produce will be distributed among participants and local charities. The trees and plants grown will be selected for local origin, disease resistance, preservation of rare breeds, and of course flavor. Plantings wills be arranged for optimal wildflower and pollinator support, and we will only use organic pest control methods. While the orchard will be primarily apples, the current layout will use other hardy trees and shrubs as windbreaks, including hazelnuts, pawpaws and quince. This orchard will serve as a teaching resource for local schoolsand programs, while remaining a short walk or bus ride from almost anywhere in Pittsburgh. We also have plans drawn up for several small houses to go on the property, with a goal of bringing in artists, orchardists, chefs and teachers on a rotating basis to learn from and teach the local community.


Oct 15 2016

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Healthy Food

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  • Samuel Linwood Hoffman
  • Nicole Watkins Brynes

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