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Bring healthy food choices to underserved communities

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Our Mission

Ideal is founded on the bold belief that eating healthy should be easy. That’s why we make real food delicious and nutrition-packed, made only with clean ingredients. Crafted from hearty nuts and seeds and lightly sweetened with organic honey, our all-natural recipes have less sugar, fewer carbohydrates and taste delicious. Never Settle. Eat Ideal.

Our Method

At Ideal, we make healthy, all natural & delicious foods which require no preparation. While most "packaged" foods are full of sugar and junk, we craft foods which combine the healthfulness and tastes that we crave with the convenience that we need. In November 2016, we launched our most convenient product yet, the Ideal Grain Free Nut & Seed Bar. This bar is all natural, full of hearty nuts & seeds, gluten free, grain-free/paleo  - and contains only 4g of sugar - a great option for everyone.

Our Goal - Increase access to underserved communities 

As our business grows, we are grateful for our amazing customers, many of whom purchase our products at Whole Foods and other premium markets. However - we created Ideal to help as many people eat healthy as possible. This means we want to reach the whole community. With funds from the UpPrize, we'll be able to partner with local markets and corner stores, offering our healthy bars at a reduced price. This will enable more access, more customers in new communities - and best of all, more healthful choices!


Nov 29 2016

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Healthy Food

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Ideal Grain Free Nut & Seed Bars

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