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Solar Powered Charging Stations for the Homeless

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Solar-Powered Charging Station
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To enhance the quality of life for our most vulnerable citizens I propose the creation of solar-powered charging stations placed strategically throughout downtown Pittsburgh that would allow vulnerable people living on the streets the ability to charge their mobile phones during the night.  Unknown to some, the majority of people experiencing homelessness possess a mobile phone.  Now you are thinking, why would a cell phone be important to the homeless: for personal safety, to confirm medical appointments, to contact a caseworker, for employment purposes, for mental health counseling, for housing openings, to access innovative mobile apps such as that connects homeless to free food, clothing, shelter, clinics, transportation and even dog food!  Across the country solar-powered charging stations are becoming more popular in public spaces. The solar-powered charging station shown here, nrg Street Charge, uses three solar panels to turn renewable energy into free power for mobile devices.  Equipped with a lithium battery, the nrg Street Charge allows for overnight charging.  I would like to partner with CMU or Pitt students to design a unique prototype similar to the Street Charge.Charging stations would situated be in well-lit areas throughout the city. Charging stations would provide the homeless with an opportunity to ensure that their phones are charged during the evening when they are the most vulnerable.  


Nov 29 2016

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  • Anna DeMase Lynch

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