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Early stroke detection anywhere, saving lives and reducing healthcare costs

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Left to Right - Kyle Winkler, Dan Willis, Carmelo Montalvo, Matt Kesinger, Michael Kalnas, Steve Morrow, Steve Norcup, Angelo Butera, Alessandro Migliuolo.
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          Forest Devices has developed AlphaStroke, the first stroke screening device that can be used by medical personnel in any environment. Our device enables triaging of stroke and stroke negative patients to the correct level of care. This minimizes time-to-treatment, the most important factor in improving stroke patient outcomes.
           With enthusiastic local support from industry leaders and organizations such as Innovation Works, Forest Devices is prepared to alleviate one of the largest global health issues. 


              Today, there is no objective and comprehensive stroke screening tool available. The current gold standard is a set of subjective clinical exams. Unfortunately, these scales require practice and training and are inconsistent across practitioners. Consequently, 50% of stroke patients currently go to the wrong level of care, or to a hospital without stroke care, adding an average delay of 110 minutes. Such a delay prolongs time to treatment, and often eliminates treatment as an option--the single most important factor in minimizing damage. This lack of screening tools results in over 2 million unneeded CT scans on stroke negative patients, as doctors seek objective feedback on potential stroke victims. Overall, 75% of head scans detecting stroke are negative. Stroke also disproportionately impacts African American and Latino communities, with a higher risk for stroke, and a higher stroke mortality rate.


             We aim to improve stroke triage by providing consistent and objective detection in a variety of settings, including ambulances, urgent care, elder care, and hospitals. Durable, portable, and easy to use, AlphaStroke alerts users to possible strokes within 2 minutes. It is simple enough for all medical personnel to operate yet it's also cost effective, at 1-2% the price of a CT scan machine. This enables coverage of virtually all potential stroke patients, especially in rural communities where doctors and first responders have less practice in detecting stroke.
            In addition, our device can enable clinics and other facilities without CT-scans to treat millions of stroke negative patients who would otherwise be sent to the ER as they have common symptoms sometimes indicating stroke. Currently, many patients who present to doctor's offices and urgent care centers with migraine or other neurological symptoms are sent to the emergency room. This leads to overcrowding at emergency departments leading to even further delays in treatment for all patients at the hospital.


Nov 28 2016

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