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Online Accessibility Mapping Service for People With Disabilities

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Connecting People With Disabilities to Reliable Accessibility Information
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Web Service and Mobile App - Easy Access to Reliable and Accurate Accessibility Information
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Empowering Commerce for All!
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Connecting People With Disabilities to Commerce
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AccessINFO: Commerce for All

CHALLENGE: There are 57 million Americans living with a physical disability. We make up 20% of the US consumer market with an annual spending of more than $554 billion. There are more than 215,000 consumers with disabilities in southwestern Pennsylvania alone, contributing more than $2.5 billion in annual spending. This group is made-up of people born with a disability; people disabled due to an accident; military veterans wounded in service to our country; and a growing number of people disabled by conditions due to aging. Unfortunately, no single source with accurate accessibility information exists for public accommodations, businesses, or essential services.

Until NOW! Introducing AccessINFO.

Hi! My name is Madonna Long. I am the founder of AccessINFO. I have been in a wheelchair for more than 30 years. I am just one of millions of Americans that have a physical disability. Shopping at stores, going out to eat, and even using a public restroom were things I took for granted before my accident. Now, every purchasing decision I make requires that I know if the business is accessible – ahead of time.
Individuals with disabilities have to ask ourselves numerous questions before we can make a single purchase. As one of the largest consumer minorities in the country we visit hundreds of locations. In almost all cases, accessibility information is the single most important factor in selecting where we do business. However, 91% of buying decisions by people with disabilities are made with limited information. They are based on personal knowledge or word-of-mouth. That is bad for people with disabilities and bad for businesses losing out on that market.

An information bridge is needed that connects people with disabilities with accessible businesses. This led my team and me to create AccessINFO.

ACCESS INFO is a free online service that can be viewed from smartphones, PCs, and tablets. This platform allows businesses to post their accessibility information, consumers to post their reviews, and AccessINFO site reviewers to conduct on-site reviews based on at least six disability perspectives. AccessINFO site reviewers will be
We are collaborating with several national and local non-profit organizations to launch our service. Pittsburgh is our test market. 12% of our Pittsburgh community is people with disabilities.  Our goal is to prove the AccessINFO concept here and then expand to markets throughout the United States.

Our service produces benefits for people with disabilities as well as the organizations, businesses, and public facilities serving them.
  1. Consumers with disabilities can easily obtain critical and reliable accessibility information.
  2. Businesses are provided an opportunity to market to a new set of consumers with significant discretionary spending by posting their accessibility information.
  3. In the event a business has accessibility issues, AccessINFO and our nonprofit partners will work with them to guide the improvement process.
  4. Fair and balanced reviews. AccessINFO provides for multiple sources of review; (1) standardized reviews by trained volunteers; (2) consumer reviews; and (3) formalized assessments completed by individual businesses.  
STATUS:  We have spent nearly two years designing our service with input from all quarters of our community and our technology partner, Ground Floor Solutions. AccessINFO is a social impact organization formed as a Pennsylvania LLC. We have the support of national, regional, and local nonprofit organizations serving people with disabilities. We have completed the system blueprint for our service; designed the user interface and data base structure; obtained crucial market feedback; and have formed strategic partnerships required for a successful launch. Most importantly, we have incorporated the priorities and requirements of our consumers.

AccessINFO is a service designed by people with disabilities for people with disabilities.


Nov 28 2016

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Jeanne Stoll

about 1 year ago

Would like to pass this on to a friend who has lost both feet and is wheelchair bound. We meet often for dinner and knowing accessibility for her in advance would be wonderful.

Carol Wolfenbarger

about 1 year ago

Well done. I look forward to learning that you won the grant. Carol

Alex Jones

about 1 year ago

Great idea and a great team behind it!

Arthur Smith

about 1 year ago

Great idea

Vicki Lutz

about 1 year ago

Way to go, Jer. Glad I could help! Vicki

John Grove

about 1 year ago

this looks like a worthy effort which I support

Adrienne Walnoha

about 1 year ago

Wonderful idea and so necessary

Alexander Nichols

about 1 year ago

Great idea!

Karen Zundel

about 1 year ago

Great idea! Good luck!

Cherylz Magg

about 1 year ago

WE need this

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