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Enabling Change Through Big Data For Everyone

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A BlastPoint Housing Report for Downtown Pittsburgh
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Data insights drive our modern world. Yet most of that data is inaccessible to the majority due to the fact that it is expensive and takes expertise to use, leaving most of the benefits to accrue to large organizations with funds for specialty researchers. However, at BlastPoint we are committed to making big data something that EVERYONE can use. We are committed to offering free and low-cost, easy-to-use, accessible tools that bring data to the people. For example, we want nonprofits to have insights into where their dollars would make the most difference. We want anyone thinking about starting a small business to be able to look into neighborhood trends.

Our value comes from our experience in helping users find answers to questions in the most intuitive and simple way possible. We have a unique interaction flow that allows users to explore location-related data by drawing custom geographical territories on a map, asking questions about those territories in plain English, and getting answers that are immediately clear. We also generate quick customizable reports (e.g. Economic Stress or Housing Reports) that highlight key information about an area. Additionally, we make these tools available via computer and smartphone so that we reach a wide range of technology users.

Currently, we are developing technology that will allow users to “score” areas according to their preferences and use those scores to search for territories with certain characteristics. Our technology is more affordable and more personal than the alternatives; it allows what we call “community investment organizations” (organizations who care about specific communities and who typically don’t have the resources to leverage big data) to identify areas of challenge within their communities and address them.

For example, we have been working with nonprofit Economic Development Firms such as the ‘Charleston Area Alliance’, who use BlastPoint to identify economically stressed areas and to create data-stories to attract new businesses to those areas. We have also been working with nonprofit media organizations such as ‘Public Source’ who use BlastPoint’s data visualizations to supplement their reporting. We are also actively working with websites that have a social mission, such as `Small Change`, to develop our scoring technology so that investors can know how much of a social-good impact different real estate investments have.

We use our technology to level the playing field and unlock big data insights, a luxury typically reserved for organizations with resources, for everyone. We build our free and lower-cost products with smaller businesses and smaller teams in mind. Our goal is to enable people and organizations who really care to make a difference in their communities.


Nov 27 2016

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