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CME and WCA Teaming up to Improve Efficiency

Our goal is to improve efficiency at Westmoreland Community Action (WCA) using a cloud-based management system. Teaming with WCA, CME Websites is pioneering process management methods and workflow tools that can be of benefit to WCA and community action agencies throughout Pennsylvania.

CME Websites, serving the Pittsburgh region since 1999, is developing workflow tools and systems that help for-profit companies manage projects and processes from anywhere (even mobile phones), print less paper, make fewer copies, share information between departments, and keep better track of who is doing what, and how long it takes.  We combine cloud-based tools with custom coded "middleware" that gathers data from industry specific software or accounting programs.

We want nonprofits - like WCA - to have access to the same kind of efficient workflow tools that businesses use.  We've discovered that a paperless environment cannot be a goal, but is a collateral effect of creating a seamless workflow that uses automation to save time on menial tasks - a process we call Web2Workflow™.

WCA and CME have a long relationship working together. CME Websites has provided technical advice, websites, and graphic design to WCA for almost a decade. CME is familiar with WCA, their mission, and their ever-tightening budgets.  We want to help WCA “do more with less” by bringing the time and money saving potential of Web2Workflow™ to Community Action Agencies everywhere.

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Nov 25 2016

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