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Delivering Fresh Produce to Vulnerable People

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Delivering Fresh Produce to Vulnerable People
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Objective:  To provide healthy and fresh foods to vulnerable individuals and families living in underserved communities of Allegheny and surrounding counties.  
Project Need:  Access and availability of fresh foods in areas frequently referred to as “food deserts” is limited. Poor nutrition can contribute to diabetes, poor cardiac health, hypertension and other conditions associated with a poor diet.   Often times these and other health issues are exacerbated throughout our most vulnerable population. In several neighborhoods, major amenities like a grocery store exceed a half-mile walking distance.   Poverty, transportation accessibility and other factors contribute to a growing need to find solutions so our neighbors can live healthier and more nourished lives in their homes.   
Solution:  Build upon the existing infrastructure of the Meals-on-Wheels (MOW) programs throughout the region to make available and deliver fresh foods to those in-need.  
How:  NAMS (Northern Area Multi-Services) and LSS (Lutheran Service Society)  have joined together to offer a “FRESH” approach to getting better nutrition, supported and integrated with their community-based, home delivered meal programs. This new program will meet the standards of governmental funding sources and healthcare experts. Thus, low income neighbors will be eligible for government funding support to receive the convenience of a fresh, home delivered meal.    Technology will facilitate online ordering, payment and food delivery directly to the home. Existing Meals-on-Wheels programs will serve as the infrastructure to leverage this new food and nutrition program that can be scaled and duplicated anywhere in the United States where a MOW program operates.   In addition to horizontal growth, this new program can be designed to grow vertically by integrating safety checks, home health services and assistive technologies to support a individual and family independence.     


Nov 25 2016

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Healthy Food

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Fresh on Wheels

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  • Charles F. Teese
  • Fenoglietto, David
  • Donna Van Kirk
  • Kimberly Delp

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cheryl dott

about 1 year ago

Such a great way need the nutrition needs of a vulnerable population!

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