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Teaching with Hugo & Migo: Advancing Social Robot Education Methodology

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Dynamic peer agency learning.
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Effective one-on-one interactions.
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Reading With Romibo--motivational literacy programming for early learners.
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Sharing social skills in community event learning opportunities.
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FAM  has a 2-part initiative:
1) Expanding the effective use of social robots in education by creating a Social Robot Enhanced Learning Manual, defining best practices and offering generalized examples of social robot use for teaching and for parent-child engagements.  

2) With knowledge gleaned from four years of experience using the Romibo robot in classrooms as well as one-on-one social robot therapy, FAM is designing two original social robots: Hugo, a larger more complex robot, intended for classrooms, and Migo, a smaller robot, intended for one-on-one use. FAM will field-test these prototypes with part of our existing client base (Allegheny Intermediate Unit DART Programs), while documenting methodology. The goal is to create a completed manual and validated teaching-optimized social robots within 8-12 months, expanding Fine Art Miracles’ footprint; benefitting more children.

FAM is best suited to see this project through to a successful completion. We have the technical aptitude and fluency in the language necessary to work with roboticists and technologists, experience teaching and troubleshooting hardware and software with new technology prototypes, and we have a team of seasoned robotics experts, including the inventor/creator of the first affordable social therapy robot.


Nov 23 2016

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Product Stage


  • Tess Lojacono, CEO, FAM, Inc.
  • Frank Lojacono, COO, FAM, Inc.
  • Cetin Mericli, Special Faculty,CMU/NREC
  • Aubrey Shick,UserExperience Lead, Intel

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