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Weekend Meals for Students in Need

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Propel Student enjoys lunch
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Who We Are
Propel Schools, based in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, is a not-for-profit organization whose mission is to catalyze the transformation of public education so that all children have access to high performing public schools. Propel has become one of the largest, fastest-expanding sets of charter schools in the state, with high levels of student achievement among Pennsylvania public school districts supporting under-served communities. Propel is serving nearly 3,700 students this year at 11 Allegheny County locations. Our impact goes beyond the classroom, extending into homes and communities as we aim to serve the whole student.

The Situation
Food insecurity is devastating -- especially to children. Proper nutrition is critical a child’s development. It impacts their mental and physical health, their academic achievement and their future economic prosperity. At Propel Schools, 77% of our students meet the requirements for the federal free/reduced cost lunch program. These students, along with many more in our communities, are not always certain as to when or where their next meal will come.

Our Solution
At Propel Schools, we understand that proper nutrition is critical to a child’s development. We want all students in our communities to reach their full potential, on a full stomach, both inside and outside of the classroom. That is why we have found a collaborative solution to feeding children throughout Allegheny County: Backpack Feeding Programs.

Each Friday, qualifying students at all 8 of our elementary schools receive backpacks filled with meals for the weekend. Each backpack contains 3 breakfasts (i.e cereal bars, bowl of cereal), 3 lunches (i.e. can of Raviolis), 3 snacks (i.e. turkey jerky) and 3 pieces of fresh fruit.

The process to distribute backpacks to our students is organic in every community. Each neighborhood draws its own pool of volunteers who work together each week to create food stability for our students and spread awareness of this issue --- affecting children in our own backyards.  

Propel Schools hopes to  further develop this BackPack Feeding Program by opening urban gardens in our 9 communities. We will engage community volunteers and our students with hands on experiences in our gardens to demonstrate the importance of healthy eating. All of the food harvested in our gardens will go directly to the participants of the Backpack Feeding Program.

Unfortunately, the money we have to fund our BackPack Feeding Programs is not enough to grant every child in need at Propel the food stability they deserve. With additional funding and community collaboration we can provide meals with home-grown supplements for more than a thousand hungry children across Allegheny County.


Nov 22 2016

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Propel Schools Backpack Feeding Program

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