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Adaptive eReader – Telling your story so everyone can read it.

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The Adaptive eReader will adapt the text to provide the reader with greater access to the story and information that they need.
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The interactivity of the Adaptive eReader helps to engage the reader so that they gain the knowledge and information that the non-profit wants to share.
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Preview adaptive ereader figure   notebook
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The Adaptive eReader is designed to have text that can adapt to the reading ability of the individual.  About half the adult population have weak reading skills, making it difficult to get information that is needed.  The design of our software in the Adaptive eReader helps the reader find the language sophistication that is just right for them.  More than just a story, there are interactive figures, games, videos and a digital notebook.  There can also be goals and assessments. We first introduced the children’s eReader series called BiblioTech with a story called “CITYHACKS: In Search of Sleep” (free at iTunes Store), and are now demonstrating that the software can use the metrics of how the reader is progressing through the app to gauge whether the text is ‘A little hard’, ‘Just right’ or ‘Too easy.’  In this way, we can let the text adapt, or shift word choice and sentence structure to make the text easier or more challenging, but always fun.  The engaging story stays the same; the learning goals stay the same.  We believe that every non-profit has a story to tell and information to share with a diverse audience.  We think an Adapative eReader can help.


Nov 22 2016

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Adaptive eReader

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Brinley Kantorski Homa

12 months ago

What a great tool for customizing materials so that they're accessible to all potential users!

Nicholas Homa

12 months ago

This looks like a great tool for mang different organizations.

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